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October 28, 2016
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The Shape of a Pregnant Bullfrog

Thank goodness for smartphones. If I am somewhere with Charlie and I need to consult the Carb Queen (Susanne) regarding something Charlie is eating, sending a photo along is so much easier than it once was.

And now that Charlie has a cell phone, much to Susanne’s delight, he has already texted her with attached photos of the food on his plate; asking her how many carbs he should bolus for. Before the ease of use of camera phones came around, I never was very good at trying to describe to Susanne what Charlie was eating.


Me: Umm … as far as the height goes, I’d sayyyyyy … it’s about as tall as a … umm … hmm … let me think. It’s pretty big. I guess it’s about as tall as a black trumpet mushroom.

Susanne: A what???

Me: And as far the width goes … if you make a fist with one hand … Are you doing it?

Susanne: {sigh} Yes.

Me: OK, so make a fist with one hand and then take your other hand and wrap it over the other like a blanket. Now stretch each hand out about one inch horizontally, keeping your pinkies tucked into the fold. Actually, forget that. Are you familiar with the body shape of a female American bullfrog in her final term of pregnancy?

Susanne: {sigh} No.

Me: So … about how many carbs do you think I should bolus him for?

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