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October 26, 2016
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Balancing Acts

Summer is such a weird time.

I'm incredibly active, so I'm not giving a whole lot of insulin.

But the heat makes me not want to eat because well, ugh, eating in 90 degree heat is gross - unless it's watermelon. But I can't live on watermelon. Can I? Maybe I could, but I'm sure I'd be lacking in all sorts of vitamins and things. I'd at least have an arsenal of seeds to spit. Watch out.

There is also just so much going on. Between dance and wanting to swim and work and work out and other commitments I feel like there's not a moment for rest.

All this, and I have been outright terrible about logging bloodsugars. This is doubly problematic because I am off pump at the moment and that means that the pump isn't even logging my sugars for later download. I could take my bloodsugars out of the meter I'm using, but that's only giving me half the story, because I'm not writing down the insulin dosages I'm taking... And how are you supposed to know where and when to dial back if you don't know what you've dialed in to begin with?

At any rate, this mish mash of summer and busy-ness is resulting in what I consider very poor control. Though my meter average is 131 mg/dl - which isn't bad, there are at least a handful a week of way, way too high bloodsugars and more than a handful a week of way, way too low bloodsugars. I've got to get a handle...

So, I'm in search of a new app for recording bloodsugars, food, exercise and insulin doses. There are like a dozen or more to choose from at varying prices. I'm not sure what I'm going to go with, but I think - just to gauge my usage - I will start with something free. I want badly to go with "Log Frog" just because of the name, but um, that's like buying a purse because it has a name like "Coach" on it - even though you don't really like it that much and it's something you won't use that often... Digression, sorry...

I'm hoping that using phone technology will help me to get back on course in tracking patterns and smoothing out the kind of roller coaster-y diabetes ride I've been on for a month or two. It can't hurt to try!

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