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September 28, 2016
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Crazy Dazy Weekends

The past few weekends have been INSANE... And the next couple are not going to slow down much at all.

With the new Great Gatsby movie coming out, our retro dance troupe, Chifferobe, is being asked to perform a lot. Like a super lot. Like we've had five shows in the past three weeks and have two more upcoming. It's been crazy, but really good. Dancing actually seems to agree with my bloodsugars and surprisingly, the constant go-go has made me more diligent about testing, mostly because rule #1 in our business is "no passing out on stage..." and well, bloodsugar balance is important to the whole not passing out thing...

This Saturday we performed at a Gala event in Newport, right on the water. I feel blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity both to help a great cause (that night, we got to meet several people directly impacted by the charity supported by the event - including two young children) and perform at some very beautiful venues. We were supposed to be fed that evening, and I think we assumed we'd be eating on the three hour break we had between performances. We were scheduled to go on at 7:15 and then again at 10:15. That long window was where we thought we'd have our meal. I had eaten a good breakfast and a small lunch and had thrown a banana and a couple of granola bars in my bag "just in case." Oh thank goodness for "just in case..." And also for an internal flexibility that I'm blessed to have.

We were informed after our first performance that we wouldn't be eating until at the earliest 9:30 pm. The things is, going on at 10:15, we knew that we wouldn't have time to scarf our food down and then go into a full-out 9 minute dance number that includes a fully aerobic opening 4 minutes and thirty seconds (think Charleston to the max, hopping, kicking, jumping and general maxed out flapping). So we informed the catering staff that we would wait until after our performance to eat. That's where the internal flexibility comes in.

My sugar after our first number was 115 mg/dl. Dance typically tends to bring me down not directly after but in the hours after... So, I ate my packed banana and half a granola bar at 7:30. I generally give my nighttime basal dose at 8:30. Strangely, the dose usually brings me down almost immediately by at least 40 mg/dl, often by more. So on this evening, I decided to wait to give the dose until after our performance and before we ate our dinner. I knew I'd probably have a little tail end high, but nothing drastic and nothing that would cause that whole "passing out on stage" business.

Come 10:00 and right on the verge of performing I tested in at 163 mg/dl. Excellent. We gave them the "one for the money, two for the show" at 10:15 to lots of hoots and applause. It was kind of awesome.

More awesome though? My after performance test was at 149 mg/dl, I gave my evening insulin dose, we ate a fantastic meal, and I never plummeted or cruised up past that 163 mg/dl mark. WIN!

I'm looking forward to the rest of this month's craziness and just a bit next month too, and I'm very thankful for the ability to adjust without panic, something that has come after now OVER THREE DECADES with diabetes... (but that's a post for another, very soon upcoming day, also my d-versary... 31 years...)

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