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October 27, 2016
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Time is Flying

Life has moved very fast over these last weeks! I can’t even believe that I have one week at the new job under my belt and am enjoying this gorgeous three day weekend by resting, reading, and catching up on a few things. Adjusting to the new schedule and change of pace requires some patience (and lost sleep) as well as some different diabetes management.

First, I’m thrilled about the new position back in non-profits as an Executive Director. I’m excited for what the future holds as I continue training over these next weeks and jump in full force in June. I’m positive that I chose the right path and that this was what I was holding out for. It’s incredible responsibility and won’t be a cake walk in any aspect, but it’ll be worth it and I can’t wait.

In light of the change in schedule, especially right now as I spend extra hours on training, I went ahead with the Omnipod. I haven’t received any insurance approval (or recent responses from Omnipod themselves) which makes me wonder if I’m choosing the right thing. I’ve toyed with the Animas Ping or just staying with MDI. I find myself at work right now not wanting to tell them about my diabetes so my management is taking a hit.

For instance, Friday, I ate lunch and expected to bolus shortly after but my trainer was in the office the entire time and I couldn’t smoothly pull out a needle and vial of insulin to bolus. So I waited too long to finally go into the bathroom for the injection and spiked too high. I hate those choices but I just don’t want to be judged for having type 1 diabetes as so often happens. I don’t want to deal with the questions of “Can you eat that?” or “Is that the bad kind?” right now. Eventually, I will tell them for safety. For now, I’m using my CGM and avoiding it. And yes, I know the health risks- no lectures needed.

I did change my Lantus injections. Instead of noon and bedtime, I’m now taking it in the morning before work and bedtime. I’m not sure how it’s working out as far as numbers because my overall activity level has changed this week. I took the week off from most exercise and didn’t teach yoga at all so it’s going to be a weird transition taking all that into account. I want to keep up my yoga practice and still have a couple of classes to teach plus I’m determined to get back into running, but my schedule is off right now as I’m traveling some for training and staying at the office late for other things. I need to get through all this before I can have a routine.

This weekend was not pretty though with my blood sugars as I’ve been in the 200s for most of the time. I keep injecting, changed my insulin bottles, and trying to accurately count carbs, but I’m not seeing any improvement. Hopefully this won’t be routine on the weekends as that’s a pain to handle on MDIs. The pump will help with that, but who knows what’s happening with that. I’m giving myself time to adjust and know that everything will change as I get through these first weeks. It’s just a process.

Hopefully things will settle sooner rather than later as I do not feel well running this high and going from “in range” to beyond high. One more day off then back to the work week and my regular yoga classes. It’ll go by quickly and as long as D plays as nice as possible, it’ll be okay. The end is near.

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