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August 25, 2016
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The Changing Point

This week quickly turned to a whirlwind of madness. On Tuesday, I meant to finalize April and Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (#hawmc) with a recap post about my thoughts on the prompts and the event. The day itself was craziness. And Wednesday too. Right now, I’m making a final decision on a pretty big thing in my life and I’m a bundle of nerves and anxiety.

Since life turned on a dime last September, things have continued to shift and change faster than I can even keep up. I decided on and received my yoga teacher certification and immediately started teaching yoga. I’ve been doing that for three months now and it’s flown by. It’s an incredible physical challenge and I’ve struggled keeping my weight UP for the first time in my entire life. My blood sugars aren’t responding that way though and seem to just spike and spike the more I teach.

I’ve taught 45 classes to date, which is an incredible number to have started in February. Many of the people I graduated with are just getting their first classes. I’ve been blessed to jump in quickly and pursue a lot of options. In training, we were told that the first 25 classes are the hardest. I agree, that the first 25 are difficult as you’re finding your groove and come across a lot of issues that aren’t discussed in the program. But I haven’t found a marked “ease” getting over the 25 number.

It isn’t necessarily that teaching yoga is hard for me. I enjoy yoga, I’m good at it, I like helping people get to better health and fitness. But there are special challenges to teaching. You are saying the same thing over and over and over (“Plant the hands, step into plank, lift the hips, back toes pointed towards the corner of the room” and on) which gets incredibly monotonous. It’s physical and the last week or two have been exhausting for my body as I haven’t had much of a break. It’s demanding as you are giving a lot of yourself for that hour of class and not getting tangible results in return.

I’m very glad that I went after my dream and utilized my time to obtain my certification. It’s been a fun adventure and I will continue teaching as long as I can and want to. Not only for the joy but for the physical health of it. The decision that I’m facing is relating to this topic though and I plan to post my final decision as soon as I have it.

What I’ve noticed in the last week or two is a marked difference in my emotional state. I’m very ready to move forward. Yes, there are times when I still find myself teary-eyed and struggling. Times when I’m not sure I can truly ever move on. But the last week has shown me that I can be excited and encouraged about my life again and have it last. I’ve hit a point of no return where I feel a change on the horizon that is good and solid instead of dark and gloomy.

I’m happy to be here finally. I’m thankful for the journey and the opportunities I’ve had. I’m joyous for my blessings. I promise more to come on that big decision soon. Stay tuned!

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