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August 24, 2016
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Weight Loss Now

In November 2011, I began my journey towards losing twenty pounds through lifestyle and exercise changes. Since then, I’ve lost twenty-one pounds, gained muscle and stamina, and I’m dedicated to toning a few more areas and maybe losing a few more pounds. Getting back into my yoga practice and now teaching multiple classes per week has definitely helped. In the last month of doing all that, I’ve been able to eat more calories than normal and still lose a pound.

It isn’t the first time I’ve lost twenty pounds. I did the same thing in college kicking myself in the booty in the gym on a very regular basis. Thanks to my PCOS, weight gain is a struggle. Without outside forces, I gain weight and gain weight and continue to gain weight.

This time I’m determined to maintain my weight though and not let diabetes, PCOS, or stress get the best of me. It’s been all about lifestyle changes this time around. Instead of busting it in the gym every day, I’m dedicated to calorie counting and smart food choices on top of continued exercise. I’ve been able to calorie count and take a week or two off of the gym and not gain a pound. That’s what I call success. When I can live a varied life and not have to stress over what happens on the scale.

When people ask how I’ve done it, I jump at the chance to tell them how easy it is for them to do it too. It just takes a little commitment to the cause. If you’re determined to get to your goal, you’ll get there and it will be the easiest way to do it. It’s not about starving yourself or cutting out your favorite foods or spending hours in the gym every day. It’s just about making smart daily choices.

For me, the biggest help is calorie counting. I use an app on my phone and track every meal and snack as well as my activity levels for the day. The app tracks how many calories I need to maintain or lose weight (at a slow or fast pace) and tells me when I’m almost to my daily limit. Honestly, I eat what I want. This week I’ve had cheesecake, fried food, Chick-fil-a, and ice cream. I make healthy choices throughout the week and eat a lot of fruit, salads, and whole grains, but if I have the calories, I use it to eat my favorite foods and splurge a little. It’s what keeps me from binging when I feel deprived.


This week was a little different on the food choices because I was working so hard at the yoga conference. I allowed myself a little extra wiggle room that I wouldn’t normally (like the fried food and cheesecake), but the fact is that I’m balancing my “calories in” with my “calories out.” If you’re the type of person that only has time for 30 minutes of exercise a few days a week, you take that into account when you’re calculating your calories. You may eat a little less than you’re used to but I can almost guarantee you that you won’t go hungry like you will on diets.


I sound like a commercial for weight loss, don’t I? I’m just excited to see the changes in my own body and I wish more people knew what I knew. As a diabetic, it can be a huge challenge to lose weight or change eating habits. Calorie counting makes it easier to stay on top of blood sugars without messing up diabetes. I’ve done diets. I’ve done intense exercise. It’s too hard to manage diabetes with those plans.


As for my exercise, I know I’m young and I’ve always been fit. I like the gym and I like being active so staying on top of that isn’t so difficult for me. Jillian Michael’s DVDs are what kick-started my weight loss this time around. Twenty to thirty minutes of activity three to five days a week and I quickly started seeing the pounds drop. Now I don’t push myself that hard. I do a quick flow yoga that gets my heart racing while still stretching my body. And I’m determined to get back to running in the Spring. It doesn’t take P90X to lose weight though.


I’m happy with  my body and I’m happy with my lifestyle. I can manage highs and lows, workout when I can and want to, and eat cheesecake when I celebrate. It’s hands-down the way that I want to maintain my weight and keep my weight down in the future as life only continues to change.

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