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October 28, 2016
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In the News: Soul Food, Beards and Baby Detectives

The following diabetes headlines are all real; as are the smart-ass comments.


Can this gnarly root fight stiff joints, diabetes - Palm Beach Post


Like, totally!




Author: Don't blame soul food for high diabetes rate in blacks - Guam Daily News


NRA advocates agree. Soul food doesn’t ingest itself!




Indians' Beard not slowing down for diabetes - Anderson Herald


The beard, known in the community for its tenacity and resolve, said nothing, not even diabetes, would stand in its way to grow long and prosperous whiskers.




Former PM Brian Mulroney opens up about life with diabetes - (CA)


In an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey, the former prime minister admitted that he injected insulin on more than one occasion. When pressed, he also ratted out an entire group of users, known ominously as “the DOC (Diabetes Online Community).”




Gut Bacteria May Prevent Type 1 Diabetes - Huffington Post


“Hey hon??? I’m at the food store. Do you know which aisle the gut bacteria is down? Is it near the spices or is it the dairy section? Can’t seem to find it.”




The Hidden Gift of a Diabetes Diagnosis - Diabetes Health




Diabetes Quick Fix: Turkey Vegetable Soup - Charleston Gazette


Ya see?!? Ya just needed a hot bowl of soup!




Law School Grad Robs Bank Because He Has Giant Debt and Can't Afford Diabetes Medicine -- Says He'll Do it Again - AlterNet


Wow. That’s a long headline. Why stop there? Law School Grad Robs Bank Because He Has Giant Debt and Can't Afford Diabetes Medicine -- Says He'll Do it Again – And Says His New Jeans Fit a Little Snug in the Butt Area – And Says Clouds are Kinda Weird When You Stop and Think of It – And  Says He’d Like to Get Married Someday – To Beyonce – No, Not that Beyonce – Beyonce Miller From His Advanced Civil Procedure Class at Law School




A leaf-a-day keeps diabetes away - Bio Spectrum


“But dad, it feels scratchy going down my throat.”


“Charlie! Eat!”


“But you lied. You said the yellow leaves would taste like lemons and the red ones like cherry!”








You can’t outgrow it.




Ex-teacher blamed stripping on diabetes - CNEWS (CA)


When asked about the pole installed in her living room and the video camera set on a tripod and “Shake Yo Ass” by Mystical playing in the stereo, again the ex-teacher said, “it was the diabetes.”




Pear-Shaped Bodies Not So Healthy After All - Diabetes Self Management


Star fruit bodies, incidentally, now the new healthy shape this summer.


And now, something new.  A translation of headlines from around the world.




Detectan 12 niños con diabetes en escuelas - Verdad TM


Twelve Baby Detectives with Diabetes Seen on Escalator




20 jóvenes fueron diagnosticados con diabetes en un mes - Diario Correo


20 Governesses  Feared to be  Diagnosed with Diabetes – It’s a Mess




Latinos aprenderán sobre la diabetes - Listín Diario


Latinos Appreciate Sobriety and Diabetes




Se aprueba fármaco para la diabetes - Econ (MX) [Reg]


We Approve of Farmers with the Diabetes




Diabetesbarn blir utan assistenter - Dala Demokraten


Diabetes Barn in Need of Assistance (Ooh! They’re hiring at the Diabetes Barn!)




Gizi Seimbang Efektif Cegah Diabetes - Suara Merdeka


Girls with Sunburns Often Catch Diabetes

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