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August 26, 2016
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Charlie Writes About the Walk to Cure Diabetes

I'm going to talk about the walk to cure diabetes. This year it was on October 21, 2012. My dad, brother, and I went there at eight in the morning. We had to do a few things before I could go get a delicious bagel. I got an onion bagel. We started to walk back to the Rutgers basketball court because that's where all the diabetes teams were set up. We sat down to eat. While I eat, I wonder when everyone will get here. This year I had four friends coming to keep me company. Friends and family started to come really fast. After a while of waiting, we finally started to walk on the really long road. I was talking to my friends the whole time of walking. Our legs hurt. One of my friends asked my other friend and I to carry him the rest of the way. We obviously didn't because we would get even more tired. When the long walk was over, we got in the huge line. We worried that there wouldn't be any more ham and cheese sandwiches! There was. The team sat at the tennis court and ate the sandwiches. I was hoping my blood sugar would be good or decent. I think it was 120. I found my mom and dad to ask them what to bolus for. I ate the sandwich, snack, and coke zero. After that, my friends and I went to the bouncy castles and wrestled, raced, and had fun. Eventually, they had to leave. Lastly, a few of us went to a bamboo forest. It was pretty cool! That was the 2012 walk to cure diabetes!

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