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October 26, 2016
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It's what happens when you have three major projects to work on, two of them due within a week (one of which you're unsure what the topic is going to be), and need to consult with a hard-to-contact reviewer on the third.


And that's not counting the issue of replacing the sphygmomanometer.


I was reminded Monday that I'm one of the presenters for this Friday's computer club meeting. The topic: blogging platforms. Other than the few I've used through Blogger and my various Ning communities (and microblogging platform Twitter), I've no experience to talk about. I know that many bloggers use WordPress, and that one of Revision 3's major sponsors is Square Space, but beyond that, I'm largely clueless. I'm here for the content, not the Web analytics, search engine optimization, or any of those nice things that makes a site attractive to advertisers and paid subscribers and also makes it possible for the one percent of the blogging population who does so, to make a living blogging.


On top of that, next Wednesday is my Mobile Devices SIG. I'm torn between doing something on Mobile Health as it affects our personal medical devices (or as our insurance providers like to call it, Durable Medical Equipment) and doing something on Mobile Retail. Both have their good points and their audiences, and both topics deserve something that's well-presented, for which I can publish a slide deck with links (and in the case of mobile health, a Pintereest board. Or maybe I should look at some of the innovations of mobile retail and project how they might be adapted to First World (or is that Second World) healthcare delivery.


In between this and my normal, paying job, I need some time to work up some yarn and needlework samples for a workbook that should be shopped and published rather sooner than later, and I'm dealing in techniques I can recognize by sight but have not personally worked before. (And just when I thought I was "done and over" with this yarn...)


And all of this betwixt and between researching a replacement sphygmomanometer (though the past few days' readings seemed more "normal", I'm concerned enough to replace the device as soon as I can find the money to do so) and do everything that is required of the alpha woman in a household, as well as managing my own health.


At least, after Wednesday I can concentrate on yarn.

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