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October 24, 2016
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Cleanse and Intentions

So, I wanted to start this new year off right - and although it had a rumbly beginning, I think that things will work out in the end.  Eternal optimism - sometimes my best friend, sometimes my worst enemy.

I began a cleanse three days ago.  It's a soup blend and a juice blend several times a day along with only fresh raw foods for the first several days.  Lean proteins get added in toward the end of the one week cleanse.  It also calls for strictness with beverages - water, unsweetened tea and nothing caffeinated or carbonated.  The last part has probably been the best part for me - because I've eliminated diet soft drinks (something I've wanted to do for awhile) and I'm not missing them at all.  Water, water, water every day, all day.  I have to say, I feel lighter and better and my skin is radiant.  I'm not starved - the soup and juice are plenty when combined with healthy vegetables and fruit.  I've lost a tiny bit of weight (not something I'd intended and I'm pretty sure it's just water). 

Biggest plus?  My bloodsugars have been spot on with barely any insulin for 3 whole days.  A couple of lows in the morning that pointed to my needing to make a basal adjustment, but other than that, I've been cruising at 90-125 mg/dl all day most days.  I guess the elimination of any processed carbs (not that I ate that much to begin with) and starchy veggies along with my easing off (but not completely stopping) exercise has contributed to this run of good sugars - but I'm really liking it. 

I'm wondering if going to a primarily raw foods diet permanently might be good for me? Are there any readers out there that eat raw?  If so, what impact have you seen on bloodsugars, weight, etc?  I do not need to lose weight, and I would actually prefer to not lose another pound - but I want to get these kinds of bloodsugar results more consistently and wonder if a raw foods diet may help with that.

On another front, I wanted to lay out my intentions for this year - in no particular order:

*Get to know myself better through introspection, alone time and self-focus.

*Find (and keep those I already have) amazing partners to share the world with and to make differences with.

*Succeed at work and in my volunteer activities.  Build new things from the resources I have.

*Stay on a healthy eating and exercise regiment, take rest when it's needed and give myself a break when it's called for.  Eat enough to get the most out of my work outs. Keep closer tabs on bloodsugar and dosing.  




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