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August 29, 2016
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Verily Verio, Practially Presto!

Doing my final preparations for tomorrow's presentation, I put together a last-minute shopping list of materials I need to demonstrate some of my "Connected Medical Devices". I'm not quite sure why I started off thinking I needed to bring (almost) every glucometer in my arsenal, but the list started accumulating strips for my OneTouch Ultra meters ("pick a meter, any meter"), my Bayer Contour USB, and my Wavesense Presto. (Maybe it's because I ordered a Glooko cable for my iPod Touch although that won't arrive before Monday.) Along with a coupon for OneTouch Ultra Blue test strips, I have a CVS coupon good for $30 off a new OneTouch Verio IQ. (This is supposed to be the ne plus ultra of home snapshot glucometers (as opposed to CGMs), and I definitely want one for my collection.) Well, financially-insolvent geek that I am, I brought up some browser tabs to compare prices amongst my neighborhood chain pharmacies. I could find prices for OneTouch Ultra Blue and Bayer Contour with no difficulty, but my usual sources for Wavesense products turned up a dead null. So, too, did searches for the Verio IQ.


After discarding a couple of dozen pages directing me to mail-order pharmacies, I finally found that at least in theory my local CVS and Walgreen's should both carry the Verio strips. None, however, seemed to carry the meter or, for that matter, the Presto strips. I did, however, find a link to a Diabetes Health article from last week stating that LifeScan voluntarily recalled its Verio IQ monitors due to a bug that (to this computer geek) sounds very similar to an old-fashioned CMOS Error, requiring the user to go through the entire set-up process before he or she can test. While this bug requires a specific sequence of events to be triggered, that it could cause a delay in treatment is enough for LifeScan to want to correct as soon as possible.


OK, so I'm probably not going to find pricing on the Verio IQ (much less have one "in the flesh") by tomorrow afternoon, but what about the Wavesense? All retail-pharmacy information on these seems to have gone *poof* Presto! *poof* and disappeared into a cloud of smoke.


Meanwhile, I found the remnants of a bottle of strips with my OneTouch UltraSmart... They expired in January. Then again, I'm not looking to use them to make treatment decisions, just to have a couple of data points that can be uploaded during my session. That's a good thing, since the smallest amount of Contour strips I can purchase at retail is a lot more than I want to have to spend for a talk for which I'm not being paid.

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