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April 19, 2014
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The back to school rush is in full force at our house. Between paperwork, tuition payments, classroom visits, teacher meetings, bus riding anxiety (mostly on my part), and school supply shopping, there has been little time to wallow in my recent diabetes funk. Although I feel strongly that each and every one of us is entitled to some woe is me days, because lets face it, it is indeed the reality of this disease (I cant stand people who insinuate that these kinds of days arent necessary, I personally feel it is healthy to ride high on the positive days and try to learn from those bummer days that hit all of us from time to time). Sorry about that.ok, where was I.right.


Trying to juggle two school schedules is going to be an interesting challenge for me this year, my son is 3 and going into nursery school and my daughter is 5 and headed to kindergarten. At the moment their two schedules dont exactly mesh well, so I am in the process of trying to get my sons schedule changed to gel better with his sisters. As I spent the morning on the phone trying to remedy the situation, I happened to look down at my Dexcom while on hold with the elementary office and saw a lovely sight



What a nice little 10am surprise! One I might add that has not been the norm lately since my hormones have been super crazy this past week and I have been chasing the numbers hard core for what feels like ages. Of course as I was affectionately cooing at Dex and taking this picture, the office lady I was on hold for came back on the line and I fumbled a bit getting my thoughts back on track to the matter at hand. I must admit, this little nugget of goodwill offered to me via Dex made me feel a bit less hostile towards my body and put a smile on my face that has persisted throughout the day so far.


Although I wasnt able to get the school issue completely worked out, things are in the works and Im hopeful that Ill be lucky enough to get two harmonious school schedules worked out so that my kiddos can have a great school year and I can avoid going crazy in the midst of it all!

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