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October 26, 2016
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Because of Diabetes

I'll admit: I'm not the most regular contributor to the Diabetes Social Media (#dsma) Wednesday-night Twitter chats, and I don't always get the time to tune into the Thursday-night BlogTalkRadio program (or listen to the archive), but when Cherise announced the first DSMA Blog Carnival, I figured I really should chime in. The problem is the topic: "The Most Awesome Thing I've Done Despite Diabetes". I haven't done awesome things despite diabetes, but rather because of it.


Because of diabetes, I've been exposed to a whole range of resources across multiple media -- dLifeTV,, TuDiabetes, DiabeticRockstar... and because of them, Twitter.
Because of diabetes, I designed a set of cellphone wallpapers that can alert any First Responder that the phone's owner has diabetes.
Because of diabetes, I found a number of medical information sites, slogged through data meant for physicians and researchers, and started trying to make that information accessible in something less technobabble-y. (I didn't quite succeed -- I got caught up in the details and haven't put the resources into figuring where -- or whether -- to go from here.)
Because of diabetes, I had the excuse to return to a certain rules of eating I got used to in university (and had grown away from because my family refused to allow me to continue to follow it) -- and I had the reason to completely turn the concept of "mealtime" upon its ear.
Because of diabetes, I was exposed to (and became a fan of) what is now Team Type 1 - sanofi-aventis -- and in the process, got my bicycle out of deep storage, ran it into the ground, replaced it, became a Red Rider, and rode my first half-century.

Because of diabetes, I have a whole bunch of new friends, learned new things about old friends, became confident enough in my understanding of diabetes to become a peer resource, and learned a whole lot about types of diabetes other than my own. (I've also developed a strong belief that -- at least regarding "Type 2" diabetes -- there are several distinct and separate underlying medical conditions, each of which requires separate and distinct treatment.)

    There is a belief that the trials we are given in life are meant to prepare us for some sort of greatness, whether that be the ability to succeed in politics or on the battlefield, to invent something new and groundbreaking, or to help, care for, and inspire our fellow travelers on the Road of Life. I have been privileged to see that this is one of the things diabetes has done for me (or that has come about because of what I have done to spite diabetes), and diabetes has made me more aware of these coincidences (or opportunities, or Divine Tasks -- it's hard to say which) as they touch my own life-journey.


    So far, there has been nothing awesome I've done despite diabetes -- but a whole lot of awesome things I've done because of it. And if you stop to think about it, there are probably a whole lot of awesome things you've done because of (or in spite of) diabetes, too.


    This post is my February entry in the DSMA Blog Carnival. If youd like to participate too, you can get all of the information at

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