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October 28, 2016
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In less than two weeks my baby brother is getting married. He's eight years younger than I am, and I remember mothering him as a baby. At eight years old, I was in second grade when he was born -- prime time for baby dolls, so when a real baby came into my life I was all over that!


I'm excited to travel from Phoenix to the Midwest, especially since I've been stalking the weather forecast and it's guesstimated to be in the 70s there, while it's still in the 100s here (set a record high yesterday of 107 and a a record for the warmest overnight low a few nights ago at 89).


Anyway, this trip will be different than my trip to Toronto. For one, I won't be traveling alone. I'll have three kids to look after. Not that I don't do that at home, but when there's travel (and a wedding!) involved, kids are going to be a little more wound up than usual. Also, I suspect we'll be moving around a lot more. For my trip to Toronto, I sat through informational sessions all day. It was pretty easy to remember to test my sugar and have snacks.


But with wedding preparations going on, socializing with family I haven't seen in ages, sightseeing in a new town, a menu that will be out of my control and all the controlled chaos that comes with travelling I suspect my blood sugar management will be a little less than optimal during the trip. (This is where I sort of wish I had sensors for Dex.)


Also, I'll be gone for six days this time, which means bringing lots of diabetes supplies -- including insulin, which I left behind for my Toronto trip since I was only gone for less than 72 hours. And there will be a site change or two in there somewhere. Not to mention the whole where-will-I-put-my-pump-if-I-wear-a-dress dilemma.


Three weeks, two kinds of travel. At least I know to hide my pump as I go through security.

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