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October 24, 2016
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Two Birds, One Stone

So word is getting around a little that I moonlight as a portrait photographer. (::doing the happy dance::) I was pleasantly surprised to get an email from a co-worker on Monday asking if I could do some Photoshop work for an image he wants to use for his Twitter page dedicated to marathon runners for Team Diabetes for the P.F. Chang's marathon in Phoenix.


Which naturallyturned into him trying to recruit me to run or walk a marathon or half marathon. "Then," he said, "you can be part of the one-tenth of one percent of people who can say they've participated in a marathon."


Ugh. I loathe running. I always have. And the thought of even walking a half marathon (13 miles!!!) makes my head spin. Could I do it? Yes. Do I want to do it? No. A mini-marathon? I'm all over that.


But I did want to be involved in their fund-raising efforts, I told J. The team is relatively small and they raised an incredible amount of money for the American Diabetes Association last year. This year they've changed their fund-raising strategy and upped their goal ($100,000!!!).


I have done very little in terms of fund-raising in the five years since I've been diagnosed and this seemed like a great opportunity for me to be involved.


So I told J that for anyone on his team who completes a photography session with me and/or who refers someone who completes a session with me I will donate half of my fee to their fund-raising efforts. Not only that, but should they have any raffles or silent auctions, I will donate a session to that effort.


Name exposure for me + experience for me + fund-raising for diabetes = happy Michelle.

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