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October 26, 2016
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Football, Weight Gain and Gastric Bypass

There was a time when The Mr. and I could wear the same size pants. In fact, he put on a pair of my jeans one day and though they fit it didn't take him long to realize why they didn't feel right.


I thought we were heavy then. I'd love to be back in that size jeans. That was before kids. That was before 12 years of marriage. That was a long time ago.


When I look back 15 years ago at pictures of us I think about how skinny we looked. And though I didn't see it then, we were; especially compared to how we look now.


The Mr. has been contemplating weight loss surgery for years. We talked about it casually. We knew people who went through it. We knew the fantastic results. We knew it was a tough road.


It wasn't until recently that he really started to seriously consider it. I think part of it is because we're in a bigger city now and have access to better health-care options. Not that where we were wasn't great for what we needed then.


The Mr. isn't a snacker, doesn't really eat sweets, doesn't often graze, doesn't really eat between meals. He just eats a lot at once. And part of that mentality comes from his days as an athlete --both as a high school football player and as a minor league football player.


He went into the process thinking he wanted a lap band, but the more we thought about it and the more information he got the more we realized that gastric bypass was the right thing for him to do.


And, it turns out that the timing was pretty good. Though he didn't have any medical problems that really pushed him into this, pre-surgery blood tests showed he had begun to develop insulin resistance.


So yesterday morning I drove him to the hospital and smiled a bit when he said, "Wow that was quick" after the anesthesiologist gave him the first "cocktail" as they wheeled him down the hall for surgery.


Dr. B said from her experience with former athletes and with people with The Mr.'s body type, she expects him to lose a lot of weight quickly. I'm excited for him, anxious for him to be home and have been inspired to try to lose a little myself despite my love affair with food.

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