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August 29, 2016
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Today, I Waited

I will sleep alone tonight.


It was dark when we left this morning and traffic was heavy.


We waited. Waiting rooms. People. Doctors. Nurses.


I waited. Alone. Then said goodbye and see you later.


Go upstairs, it'll be quieter there, Dr. B said. I did. It was.


I waited. Alone.


Bit my tongue when the old man said "My headache's not because of my sugar."


Texted. Facebooked. Should have brought my phone charger.


11 a.m. Dr. B smiled at me. I waited some more. Then paid $13 for lunch.


I updated family and friends.


When I saw him he was awake. And beautiful.


I crafted. I fetched. I helped out of bed. I walked. I kissed. I hugged. I loved.


I waited. I stayed.


I said "Whoa that's kinda high" when the nurse checked his sugar.


I felt better when she said "That's nothing compared to others."


I wished I could have stayed all night.


I miss.


Tonight I will sleep alone. And tomorrow. Then he's home. My rock.

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