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October 23, 2016
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How The Highs Get Me

My blood sugars are in a world all their own lately. Last weeks averages are in the 200's...something I haven't experienced in probably three to four years. Even between sick days, periods, and holidays, my averages never top 190.


But last week was a total landslide in the diabetes realm. My body is telling me something, although I'm not positive what it is. And unfortunately, those blood sugars are now telling my body something else as they've wreaked havoc on my immune system, my energy level, and my concentration.


I really did try to work on my list of diabetes "to-do's" over the past week. I stopped forgetting my Lantus injections and I only let a bolus slide once or twice. I didn't check as much as I should have, nor did I get any more workouts into my routine. But I was hoping the slight increase in positive diabetes behavior would have a decreasing effect on those blood sugars.


Yet here I am, looking at numbers like 393 and 435 followed by averages like 209 and 194. Only two lows in the last week. And an onslaught of unexplained spikes.


I'm also feeling incredibly tired, terribly worn out, and like I just want a day to catch up on everything. Plus, the elevated blood sugars are dampening my immune system beyond belief. I'm fighting off some sort of runny nose/cough on top of a yeast infection. Those 200 range averages really mean business!


I'm just not sure what to make of all this. I decided to raise my morning Lantus dose by one unit for the next few days, plus I'm moving my evening dose up by a few hours. I don't know if either of those will help, but I really hope so. I can't take much more high-related fatigue or the endlessly fuzzy feeling surrounding all my thoughts.


If that doesn't work, I'm actually feeling desperate enough to consider trying the pump again. It doesn't sound so appealing to me. I've adjusted to not having something attached 24/7. Dating and a pump just sounds ridiculously hard. Plus, the year and a half of elevated A1c's doesn't appeal to the logical thought that I'm looking to lower these numbers!


But desperate times call for desperate measures.


Maybe I need to take a closer look at what I'm eating and doing too. I know my diet has been off in the past few weeks, between school and hanging out with friends I just don't have the energy to cook as well as I usually do. But I didn't think I'd gotten that far off track. Not enough to cause spikes like this!


I also know that last week was a bit tough for me because of a rise in pain and fatigue (not related to diabetes) so I was taking it a bit easier than normal. Walking less to class, skipping a few classes, and just being calmer than usual. But could it have that drastic of an effect on these numbers? 400's are not normal for me...and I've been lazy before in my life!


Probably just one of those flukes of diabetes that can't be explained. A week of random blood sugars that somehow stabilize themselves. And hopefully let my immune system build back up so I can fight off this cold and get rid of this yeast infection completely.

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