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August 24, 2016
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Counting Carbs is a Lot of Work!

I was reading through the dLife Viewpoints section today and saw a post that really hit home.


It's called "Bested by a Can of Tomato Soup" by Scott Johnson and I think it should be required reading for type 3's and other people without diabetes.


Counting carbs can sometimes be a difficult and maddening situation.


And we do it for virtually every meal every day. I mean, we are supposed to.


It's feelingsthat Scott brought up about not wanting to have to do algebra just to eat makes it easy to guess at the amount of carbohydrates in a mealinstead of calculating them.


Furthermore, the difficulty in counting carbs only makes me want to grab a bite from a fast food joint since they already have the carbs counted for me.


But that is not what I am supposed to do right? I am supposed to cook at home, figure stuff out, weigh all that I eat, and hope that I calculate it correctly or else!


How do you do it? Do you make sure you bring out the scale, ten key, and abacus at every meal?


Maybe I am making it too hard but it seems to me like it is a lot of work.


There is good payoff indeed, better blood glucose levels but all that work all the time makes it much more tempting to not put the effort in all the time.

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