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August 27, 2016
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A Fitness Routine

Over the summer, I was working out quite a bit. I really wanted to set up habits, lose some weight, and just feel better about my body when the fall semester rolled around. And I did really well. I worked out three to four times a week, building my strength and endurance as I went along. Most importantly, I lost ten pounds and felt great about what my body was becoming again.


Towards the end of the summer, I started slacking off. I went on vacation, then came back for summer finals, then worked full time for two I was running all over the place, but not getting any workouts in like normal. Thankfully, I was keeping busy and eating right well enough to not pack back on any pounds. But I didn't like the way it felt.


I carried my stress in my body more than normal, feeling tension in my shoulders and back. I noticed that, despite weighing the same, my body wasn't as toned as it was before. I didn't have that release that working out (especially running) gives me...the release of knowing that I'm doing something good for my body. And I was seeing an increase in highs.


So now that the fall semester is here, I'm forcing myself back into the habit of working out. I hopped back on my treadmill last Friday, went to the gym on Monday, and went to yoga on Wednesday. I've scheduled in a weekly trip to the gym, two to three runs a week, and the required yoga class (required, but I did pick it for a reason).


I'm already feeling better. My arms were sore from the pull ups and chin ups I did Monday. And I felt my body working, straining in yoga to get back to the strength I had before. Most importantly, my blood sugars are lower and my stress is no longer riding in my neck or lower back.


It's still tough to make myself get the habit back though. Monday night, I didn't feel the usual urge to go the gym, but knew I needed to. And all during my workout, I wanted to cut it short, complaining to myself that my muscles were too weak and fatigued. I even cut it short, not working on my abs at all and running a mile less than normal.


And the two scheduled runs I had for the week didn't go as planned either. Wednesday, I got home too late to give myself time for dinner and a run before getting into bed early. And Friday morning, I was exhausted from a long Thursday night.


Despite all that I'm trying to remind myself that the number on the scale only got that way for one reason and will only get lower for that same reason. The ability to fit into some old clothes and watch as some of my clothes are too baggy is also keeping me motivated. I'm still a few pounds and inches from fitting into my oldest jeans, my favorite pairs. That goal alone is reason enough to push through this and get the habit back.


I'm also starting a softball intramural at the end of the month, adding even more exercise into my schedule. Between all the workouts and softball, I really hope to get to my final goal by the end of the semester (which should be easy considering it's only eight more pounds in four months). And from there, we'll see what else I want to do. Lose more? Or just maintain? Who knows!

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