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October 25, 2016
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"Present" Turns Out to Be MiniMed Quick Set Recall

It's Wednesday, when the majority of the world is at work. So when the doorbell rings, I'm pretty sure it's a salesperson -- or the kid down the street.


This afternoon the doorbell rang. I quietly went downstairs ready to get "mad" at the neighbor kid who has come to the door two Wednesday afternoons lately looking for No. 1 and being genuinely confused about why I'm home and No. 1 is not.


I looked through the peep-hole expecting to see the kid. I saw no one, but kept looking thinking that he was so close to the door that I couldn't see him. I saw something on the street, but assumed it was a trashcan. I didn't open the door, walked upstairs and looked out the front window and saw and heard a UPS truck driving away.


UPS! I didn't order anything! Does that mean I got a present?! Ooooh a present!!


Outside was indeed a package for me. It took some careful inspecting to find it was from Medtronic. Seemed odd to me because I hadn't ordered any new supplies and if I had they would have come in a bigger box. Maybe it's a new meter, I thought -- almost too excitedly, in fact. Or some other new toy.


I was "disappointed" to find a box of Quick Sets. Still confused, because I hadn't ordered anything and if I had it certainly wouldn't have been only one box.


The accompanying letter said Medtronic was voluntarily recalling some Quick Sets because the tubing connector on about 2% of the sets in a certain lot don't work properly, which may not allow the pump to vent properly. "Venting is necessary to equalize the pressure in the reservoir compartment with the surrounding atmosphere," the letter says. "If the vent does not work properly, this could potentially result in too much or too little insulin being delivered and may lead to serious injury or death."


The remaining two and a half boxes of infusion sets I have are part of the affected lot. I suspect, though, that after using about two and a half boxes without incident that I'm fine. Nonetheless I'll be calling Medtronic tomorrow for replacements for the rest of the sets I'll be sending back.


So MiniMed pumpers check the Web site for model numbers and lot numbers to see if your sets are affected.

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