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August 24, 2016
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Saying Goodbye to Cereal

It's crunchy and sweet -- even when it's not a sugar cereal. It's wet and soft and smooth. It's great for dinner or breakfast.


I love cereal. It used to be the only thing I ate for breakfast: two bowls of Cheerios and I was set all morning. Occasionally I'd mix it up with a bagel or something, but my breakfast staple was cereal. This was, of course, pre-diabetes.


It was an accident that I found out what milk does to my blood sugar. I was pregnant and taking only Lantus at the time. One morning the milk was gone and I drank water with my PB (no J)sandwich (yeah, yuck). I had a pretty blunt "ah-ha" moment when I saw the post prandial.


I had tried to have cereal after I was diagnosed (remember the day Ruth taught me how to test my sugar and I was 204 about an hour after breakfast?) and kept buying cereals that were more like cardboard all the time.


I'm a little wiser now when it comes to knowing what certain foods do to my sugar. Well, all except cereal. I've tried having zero-sugar cereal with no luck; I've tried allowing myself a bowl of cinnamon Life every now and then with no luck; I've tried measuring the cereal and the milk with no luck; I've tried guessing. It never works. I always wind up high even when I think I've "really got it this time."


So, although I really don't want to and there are few foods that I've completely said "no" to (Wetzel's Pretzel's... sniff, sniff) because they absolutely ruin my blood sugar, I am officially saying no more cereal. It just plain doesn't work for me.


I'll miss you Cheerios, SmartStart, Total, Raisin Bran, Fiber One...

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