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October 24, 2016
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Is It The Thought That Counts?

This is not the post I planned to write this morning.


Having a nearly one-hour commute (everyone flees the city in the summer, so traffic is much, much lighter) often gives me a lot of time to think. This morning I thoughtabout what a crappy mood I had been in on Sunday and that it had carried over to this morning.


I tried to blame it on the kids: a four-day weekend trying to keep the kids entertained and not arguing and generally not getting on my nerves is exhausting.


I tried to blame it on AF: though she has left the building.


I thought about how I deal with depression and how I've never had a true diagnosis and that maybe my bitchy mood was because I'm taking the wrong anti-depressant or because my diagnosis should be something other than general depression.


I thought about how everyone has bad days and maybe I was just in a cycle where I don't want to be bugged for 48 hours and that I shouldn't go blaming every bad mood on depression.


I thought that maybe I should keep some sort of journal to track how I'm feeling on a daily basis so that I can really see if I'm having down days more often than not; and to show a potential shrink if it ever came to that.


I realized that if I'm going to keep what amounts to a mood journal that I really ought to track blood sugars and foods, too, because they all entertwine.


Ugh. Logging.


I actually felt good about it this morning. I had all the paperwork with me, I just needed to make the effort to do it. As soon as I got to work I got out a fresh, home-made log sheet and entered this morning's information.


Then, I thought I might be more inclined to log if there were a technological and/or online component. So I signed up for Sugar Stats, which was one of the first sites that came up when I Googled "online blood sugar logs."


Right up until lunch time I was totally on board with the paper thing and the online tracking. After lunch, not so much. Couldn't even last one day! Barely more than four hours. Well, at least I walked this morning.

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