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October 25, 2016
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Caught in the Act

Im going to lunch now if you want to join me, A said as she walked passed my cube.

Yeah, that sounds good, I said. Fridays during the summer are early release here and we were going to happy hour when we got off, so eating lunch early was in my plan for today.

Although I typically dont eat cereal because I havent figured out how to correctly bolus for it, it was the only thing that sounded good this morning. Which I of course paid for with a 323 mg/dL post prandial, which was roughly an hourish before A and I headed off to lunch. (Looking back, it must have been more like 90 minutes or so.)

As I whipped out my meter to test before we walked to the caf in the other building, A was already standing at the entrance to my cube. I almost told her to go ahead without me and that Id be just a minute, but shes a close friend and I didnt want to give her the impression that I was ashamed of anything. I also knew she could take whatever she saw.

I was very aware that she was watching me as I squeezed my pointer finger and applied blood to the strip. While she and I had casually discussed diabetes and insulin pumps in the past, this was the first time she watched me test my blood sugar. As I tossed the used strip (138 mg/dL!) and the alcohol swab in the trash, A began asking questions:

Do you always use your finger tip? Do you build up a callous?

Oh yeah, I have calluses, I said. I showed her my favored fingers and the pore-like marks that dotted them.

Oh, I see, she said. Wow.

Well, thats really nothing. If you want to see wow Ill show you the infusion set scars on my belly, I joked as we began walking.


"Ah, no. I'm actually a little squeemish about that kind of thing,"shesaid.


And that was it. No more diabetes/blood sugar talk. That's all she needed at that moment. And I was fine with it.

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