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October 24, 2016
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More Than Just One Day of Lows

The last five days have been exhausting to say the least. My nearly non-stop lows started on Thursday. I thought it was just one of those days. But Friday brought its fair share of lows as well (though not as many as Thursday).


Saturday my family, along with my mom and dad, drove the RV from Phoenix north about two hours to Sedona, also known as Red Rock Country. The extra nearly 3,000 feet of elevation provide quite a respite from the valley heat.


On the way up, while Mom and I were attempting to entertain No. 1 and No. 2, I got that familiar low feeling. I tested immediately and rang in at 50 mg/dL. I was pretty shocked considering I tested as soon as I felt the low. I went for my Skittles and fortunately Mom had some non-diet soda in the RV fridge.


I barely tested for the remainder of the weekend and upon coming home found myself at 479 mg/dL, which I totally deserved after hardly testing. Took me several hours to come down, several hours past dinner time; yes, I learned my lesson.


Anyway, the lows followed me to work today. It got to the point today where I found myself eating more complex carbs than usual just to keep the lows at bay because they are so exhausting, especially after several days.


So tonight I adjusted my day-time basal rates slightly to see if I can keep the lows away. Seeing as I haven't changed my eating habits all that much, but I have continued to exercise -- and really push myself -- I can really only assume that the lows are from the exercise. Which is actually pretty fabulous news. Remember my last endo visit when my A1C went from 7.3 to 6.9 and the only thing I changed was exercise?


Perhaps I've lost a few pounds, too. I'm not all that excited about getting on a scale, so that one will have to remain a mystery. But one thing is certain: my walking routine is doing me some serious good on a number of fronts.

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