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October 28, 2016
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A Day of Lows

When I look back on my blood sugars today all I can think is WTF?

  • Went to bed last night around 100. Was pretty sure I'd be too low to walk this morning.
  • I was right: fasting was in the 70s, which is great unless you're getting ready to exercise. Forced myself to eat a granola bar on the way out the door.
  • Pleased with the 112 after the walk. Bolused for the granola bar (yes, *after* my walk), disconnected and showered.
  • Pleased with the post walk/post shower number, though I can't remember what it was.
  • Changed site, which we all know has a tendency to give me high blood sugars.
  • Cringe at the stinging new site and actually say out loud -- though my children are listening and watching -- "That freaking hurt!"
  • High-carb breakfast. Bolus accordingly.
  • Pleased as punch -- shocked, actually -- at the below-120 post prandial.
  • Have the munchies; eat a granola bar for snack. Actually bolus for granola bar.
  • 11:30ish a.m. start feeling low. Test. 53 mg/dL. Think about how Dex would have saved me at this moment. Get semi-angry at not feeling the low until I was 53.
  • Start feeling really, really crappy while eating my standby low treatment (fun size bag of Skittles).
  • Try to read while low comes up. Surprised that low symptoms aren't going away. Eat another bag of Skittles.
  • Still not feeling better. Test. 59 mg/dL. Can't. Freaking. Believe. It.
  • Eat more Skittles. (That's three times my normal treatment, for those who are counting.)
  • Finally start feeling better. Test. 91 mg/dL.
  • Feel rotten. Want to lie down. Want to sleep. Want this stupid feeling to go away.
  • Test again. 130ish, I think. Feel sufficiently OK to go to lunch.
  • High-carb lunch. Bolus accordingly.
  • Two hours post --130ish. More surprise.
  • Before I drive home: 190. Correction bolus.
  • Dinner time: 112 mg/dL.
  • Listening to No. 3 splash in the tub, I feel low. Impossible, I think. Milk, croissants, cottage cheese, I should be fine. Test. 72 mg/dL, but symptoms tell me I may be crashing. Grab two sleeves of Sweet Tarts left over from Easter.
  • Get kids in bed, say "f*$k it" andgrab two homemade cookies and don't bolus.I'll show diabetes who's boss!
  • Wonder if the lows mean I'm getting sick or if I have a really sweet site or if I've overbolused all day or if my morning walks are making a difference or if it's some strange combination of all of this.
  • Realize I'll never have it figured out and go to bed.

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