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October 21, 2016
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Tummy Trim Report 2

I missed reporting last week. I'm happy to say that my weight has stayed the same and my fasting sugars are edging below 110. I'm sad to say I am continuing to struggle with good food choices, and losing the battle too often.


One of the things I was happiest about with the week 2 challenge information was the article on healthy food substitutions. I almost didn't click on the link. How many times have we read articles about this that say inane things like "Swap water for one of your colas every day to lose 15 lbs in one year!". As if anyone watching their weight, or with diabetes, is still drinking sugared soda and doesn't know it's a poor choice!


But I was very pleasantly surprised to learn some new tidbits. For example, we all know you can use sweet potatoes to make a much healthier french fry. (Does anyone know how to slice them up without a circular saw?) But did you ever think about using jicama instead? Or slicing jicama very thin to make a healthier faux potato chip?


Or cauliflower in your mac & cheese? Thanks to Atkins, I know all about using it for fake mashed potatoes, and they're pretty good, but I never thought of mac & cheese. I will have to try that out, since it's a staple (mac & cheese, NOT cauliflower... yet) in my house of preschoolers. It's definitely an article worth checking out.


Week 3 is all about "Getting in Motion", I have been successful with this since last August (geez, 10 months next week - that's a freakin' miracle!). I can, and should, write an entire post about that.


dLife provides a nice exercise log to use, but for me, a star on the calendar for each day I work out, is simpler and more motivating. Even my 5 year old knows what it means and will nag encourage me if there are too many blank days in a row. I am lucky in that my sugars are pretty stable, so I don't track my starting and ending glucose values, but the log allows space for that.


I am having a bit of trouble using the Tummy Trim Challenge group on the dLife Community, so I'm not getting all the support that's available. I will work on that for my next report.

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