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October 28, 2016
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Worried About Getting Sick

Some freaky viral sickness has infected our house. It started with No. 2 who had a terrible fever over Memorial Day weekend. Several days after she got better, The Mr. came down with it. Now, No. 1 is on the tail end of it, but sadly he will miss his last three days of third grade because of this stupid flu-like virus.


I've often said that while I don't want to see my children sick, it's better for a well mom to take care of sick kids than for a sick mom to take care of well kids. That's up for debate, especially since my kids are getting to the point where they're fairly self-sufficient and if I were laid out on the couch No. 1 and No. 2 would be able to take care of No. 3. (I should say that The Mr. isn't a slacker, he works two of every three weekends, so when I'm home alone with the kids it's usually because The Mr. is working.)


So over the last two weeks I've been overanalyzing every possible flu-like symptom I've had. I've taken my temperature more in the last few days than I have in the last year. It's been through three of us, I'm sure it's going to hit me. And while I've said it may be easier for me tobe well and take care of sick kids, I really don't want No. 3 to get it and I've prayed a number of times that I get it not her.


Anyway. So I'm trying to be on top of things. Which is kind of hard when you don't know when or if you might get sick. In addition to the raunchy fever, the other most-notable symptom is loss of appetite. These two things make me a little nervous when it comes to blood sugar management.


First, the lack of appetite will certainly keep me from eating (should I get this, of course) and the fever will certainly keep me in bed, sleeping and not eating. Did I mention that there likely won't be much eating? But will it matter? Will the fever make my sugar high and have me hanging out in the highs until the fever is gone?


The good thing is that I'm aware that I need to be prepared. I've been sick with diabetes before and have gone through more strips than usual and have even had a wonderful team of people shuffling through my room making sure I've tested. The sort of bad thing is that I don't know how my body may react to this kind of virus.


All this worry about "what if I get sick" likely won't help matters. And all the overanalyzing every sneeze and feeling extra sleepy (despite being up with sick kids several nights in the last two weeks) doesn't help things either.


I'm sure I won't be looking when/if this hits me. I'll have thought I escaped the wrath of the virus only to be blindsided by it.

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