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October 22, 2016
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It's making me wait
Keeping me waiting


At least 'til tomorrow, Monday, next week...


That's when a gaggle of us dBloggers and D-OC folk will be meeting up in NYC for brunch and whatever. It will be the first time I'll meeting any of these folk "IRL" -- "in real life" -- for the first time, even though some are within a reasonably short commute. I'm also likely to be the oldest in the group (except for The Other Half), and I think I may be the only Type 2 (except, again, for The Other Half). It's going to be an interesting meet...


Meanwhile, I'm somewhat annoyed at Team Type 1's calendar -- only Monday's final race of the four-day Tour of Somerville showed up, and it would have been nice to know that the team was competing in the earlier events so I could manage to cheer them on throughout the weekend. As it is, I'm anticipating spending Monday down in Somerville. I'll have my usual business cards (one side, Web Warren info, other side, my no-longer-complete D-OC info) and it will probably be warm enough to wear one of my diabetes-related T-shirts (however did I come up with a whole wardrobe of them -- eight total from JDRF, Diabetic Rockstar, and Five Humans/Diabetes Hands Foundation?).


On the other side of the country in San Bernadino, California, Jaimie Hernandez (@JaimieH) is planning to put up a booth at her parish's "WOWJam". It sounds like a cross between a block party, street fair, and revival meeting. I'm really happy to see the grassroots outreach movement taking off -- especially when we can involve at-risk communities. I'm looking forward to hearing about what she will pull together and how it will have come off.


Meanwhile, this week's Lancet is a special issue on Diabetes. I've not had time to look carefully at my backed-up files from BioMed Central and PLOsOne... hopefully I can find a few hours to go back through and start putting up more hand-tooled analyses on Diabetes Detechnified.


That's a whole lot of D-stuff to look forward to...

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