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October 24, 2016
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A Promise Card to Save Some Money

The vibration of my cell phone stirred me in my seat during a less than interactive physics class. Taking a look, I see it is my go-to pharmacy calling me up. This is not a surprise to me since they call to inform me I am out of refills every now and then or that it is too soon to place a refill on a script. I let it buzz away back in my pocket and waited for class to end. Working my way into the sunshine of the outside walkway, I dialed in to listen to the pharmacys voicemail. This was not the message I was expecting.


The pharmacy employee that I like to chat up when I am there thought of me after she talked to a Freestyle representative that came to her pharmacy. The rep gave her some Freestyle Promise Membership Cards, and the voice message was to let me know she was setting one aside for me. This membership card offers money off co-pay prices, discounts on Freestyle brand test strips, and even a free new meter. Who doesnt need a way to save some greenbacks? This card has great potential to help some people cut back on diabetes costs.


After giving up some marketing info about yourself: name, address, email, etc. you start getting the benefits. Which includes: Up to fifty dollars a month off of copayments that are over fifteen dollars. Discounts on test strips: $25 dollars for 50 count and $50 dollars for 100 count boxes of test strips, and a free Freestyle Freedom Lite, Freestyle Lite, or Precision Xtra glucose meter. Anyone is welcome to sign-up for the card. Call 1-866-246-2683 or check out their website at


My co-pay each month for Freestyle products adds up to ten dollars, so I cant save any money on my co-pay but I can get a free meter which always comes in handy as a backup. I can stow it away in my vehicle or school backpack, with a side of test strips and lancet, for that forgetful day when my number one gets left at home. It is good to know that big companies are making an effort to ease the sky high costs of managing diabetes, no matter how small. Lets hope this becomes a growing trend.

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