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August 25, 2016
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Moving Ships Over Mountains

With Carey and George writing about music that moves their diabetes lives, I wanted to add my two cents on this one.


For years now, the song Fitzcarraldo by The Frames has reminded me of the diabetes community and our lives with diabetes. The song Fitzcarraldo is based on a movie from 1982 about a man, Brian Fitzgerald, so enchanted with opera and the singer Enrico Caruso that he takes it upon himself to build an opera house right where he lives.


In the middle of the Peruvian jungle.


Push coming to a literal shove, the movie reaches a pinnacle point when Brian finds himself without a river, without a crew, and without a hope pushing his steamship up a mountainside. But there, in his darkest hour, the powerful enchantment of the jungle natives aids him in bringing his enormous steamship up the face of the mountain.


The diabetes community helps me deal with my own disease, which affects so many moments of my day. Sometimes it's like moving a ship up a mountain. Every hand helps when my own falter. Everyone banding together and helping one another, even just by saying, "Yeah, I do understand," makes such a difference.


What song reminds you of your diabetes life?

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