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August 30, 2016
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Merry Carbmas

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The other day I posted about how Christmas can be a downer.

One of the reasons Christmas can not be so great is my lack of self control. I snack like crazy and lets face it, Christmas time is yummy snack time!

Cookies, nuts, candies, pastries, cakes, you name it are all on display everywhere I go. We received a box of Sees candy as a gift and I thought I was going to die. Literally. My BG ended up at 432 before the night was over.

My problem is that I cannot have just one, or just three. I scarf and inhale all the goodies I can while bolusing with my insulin pump over and over.

Besides refilling my reservoir more often I have noticed that I have had to change batteries more often too. I guess it makes sense but what an eye opener!

The dumb part is how guilty I feel when I check my blood glucose level and it is sky high. I am never surprised. I know exactly why it is where it is and yet I am upset. I get guilty, I correct the blood glucose with a bolus of insulin and head back into the break room for a piece of homemade banana nut bread.

And that is just the snacks!

At Christmas parties I spend most of time filling my plate with the high carb items. I am not a turkey or ham person. I want potatoes, rolls, stuffing, and corn. All are going to kill my BG and yet I go back for thirds sometimes for these items in particular.

Maybe next year I just avoid parties all together and stay home during the holiday season.

Are any of you as addicted to this stuff like I am and how did you find a way to beat it?

I need help!

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