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September 28, 2016
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Dishwasher Replaces A1C Test

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Zim Family Cockers

I was cleaning the kitchen today. Since I was laid off this has taken a chunk of my daily life. I never much cared for the tedium of kitchen cleaning, but now that we're all home so much more, eating 3 times more meals here, the chore has become relentless. But I digress.


As I was unloading the dishwasher, it struck me that I wouldn't want my endo to see the current dishload. There were too many pizza wheels and glasses and not enough mixing spoons and silverware. Maybe Dr. R-J wouldn't get the connection, but a forensic kitchen examiner would have it in a heartbeat. CSI: Cordon Bleu, anyone?


If you see a lot of measuring cups and spoons in your Kenmore, chances are you've actually been cooking. A lot of silverware and plates would say that this household has been eating at home a lot. Many cutting boards, paring knives and salad bowls...well, you get the idea. On the other hand, all silverware and coffee cups or the aforementioned pizza wheels means we've been eating too much take-out/junky stuff.


As I go about my day, I give away my current diabetes self-care rating many times. In the laundry room, obviously lots of workout clothes are a real plus, while a big stack of dry cleaning indicates too many outings and events.


At the grocery store, my cart's a dead giveaway. I can only blame so much on my family. They don't really need the junk food or candy either, and having it around the house is just self-sabotage for a person with type 2 diabetes. Trash is the detrius of the groceries, so the garbage man has a handle on how my blood sugars are doing too!


Even when I do go to the gym, I can be just coasting, watching tv and reading while just "glowing" lightly. Or I can be sweaty and breathing hard. So the way I look leaving them gym is another giveaway of diabetes care.


As I close the dishwasher, I realize this is all forensic evidence of the choices I've made recently. At the end of the day, if I've made more good choices than poor choices, my A1C reflects that, just as the dirty dishes and clothes.


You can't replace blood test monitoring with a dishwasher, but if you go through your day a little more mindful, you may see what I do.

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