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October 22, 2016
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95 at 530

I never thought Susanne would actually go. Not with the 3 year old. He can't sit still for more than five minutes. But we both agreed it would be pretty cool if she could swing it.

She called me at work with a definite zeal in her voice.

"I'm here!"

It's not every day that a potential vice president comes to your town; to your local middle school.

Joe and Jill Biden came to town to talk about education, the economy and healthcare. The only obstacle standing in Susanne's way was Ben. They needed to arrive at the school an hour-and-a-half before the Bidens were to speak. That's a lot of patience to ask of a 3 year old (our 3 year old). It would be nothing short of a miracle if Ben was to last long enough to see them speak.

But he did! Defying heavy odds, Ben hung in there; enamored by the crowd and the electoral fanfare. Susanne was actually going to see Joe Biden.

She called me again, very excited, asking me how to switch her cell phone to "vibrate" mode.

And then the crowd went quiet as Joe and Jill Biden were about to be announced.

Susanne snapped some pictures and then felt the phone vibrating. She could hear the exploding applause as she scooped up Ben and left the school, quickly making her way to the car.

The call was from the school. Charlie's blood sugar was 530 and he had blood in his tubing. Damn you, yet again, diabetes!

Later that day we learned that Charlie took a state math exam despite the fact that his blood sugar was over 500. Despite the fact that it's a no-no as specified clearly in our 504 plan.

Charlie's teacher, who we love, did however give a silver lining to what was a rather bad day, telling us that he scored 95 on the exam.

When the initial disappointment evaporated, Susanne and I looked to the bright side.

95 at 530. Not too shabby!

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