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October 28, 2016
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Ping Me Up, Scotty

image unavailableM Sarz

I have a bad case of tech envy. The other day, I checked out the Animas website to look at the specs on the Animas 2020 because my friend just went on it. Instead of being swept away with the 2020 like I thought might happen, I am now wholly, madly, deeply in love with the new One Touch Ping that Animas has created.


I currently use the Minimed Paradigm 522. Up untila few days ago, I was quite content with it. I love the fact that my CGMS is included in the device so I don't have to wear two hefty machines. I love the ease of the Bolus Wizard. The way it calculates my average blood sugars, basal and bolus insulin, plus my carbs is absolutely amazing.


But hearing the details on the new Ping, I'm absolutely sold (and wanting my pump replacement date to come quicker than lightening bolts). It has the convenience of the Omnipod's PDM, the intelligence of the Animas pumps, and the beauty of the newest devices. It's the perfect mix of every great pump on the market.


I recently looked at the Animas pumps because the smaller increments caught my attention (recall the post about fine-tuning my pump basals). However, I was not satisfied with the Animas feedback I'd heard, so I figured I'd try my best to make the Minimed work for me.


Sure, there are things about the Animas that I love: smaller increments, the carb database, waterproof. There are also things I love about my Minimed: CGMS, Bolus Wizard, did I mention CGMS?, One Touch Ultralink. But I'd sacrifice some things in order to have others.


Learning about the One Touch Ping got me itching for a new pump though. Not only does it now include my favorite brand of meter, but it also creates the convenience of normalcy at low effort. With the Ping, you can do your blood sugar, insert carbs, and initiate a bolus without even touching your actual pumping device.


So no more coordinating my pump in dresses so that I'm not fumbling at my bra in the middle of a crowded room or sneaking away to the bathroom every time I consume carbs. No more pulling out my tubing from inside my waistband just to check my current basal rate.


The one thing that I am currently waiting for Animas to do before I am completely sold on them is to link up with a CGMS in one device. I refuse to carry two machines when I want to watch for trends. Once Animas has that done (and my pump replacement date comes up), I'm certainly switching from the Minimed to the Animas. That is, unless something better comes along.

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