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October 23, 2016
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Patterns Without a Pattern

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I haven't ACTUALLY basal tested in awhile (by that, I mean I haven't done it the right way, but surely I've watched my numbers fall in patterns). I usually eat the same things for breakfast, so to me basal testing for the morning hours seems a bit ridiculous. But the last few days of numbers have me thinking that a basal test is in demand.


I've been trying to check after meals more regularly so that I can see if I want to go on Symlin later. But these new numbers have me wondering what is going on inside this body of mine.


Today, my pre-breakfast blood sugar was 124. Two hours post-meal, I'm 119. Good numbers, except that with accurate carb counting and a correction bolus, why am I not in my goal range?


Yesterday, I went from 184 to 194 post breakfast with the same carb counting and correction bolus.


A few days before that, I went from 136 to 88. The carbs and correction were still the same.


It frustrates me that despite the same diet every day and the same factors (exercise, routine, stress), my diabetes cannot follow one pattern. It seems like the second I basal test and get everything worked out again, my life takes some new turn which leaves me with strange patterns and in need of another basal test.


I was told that a basal test is a good idea every six months as life changes (weight, stress, seasons, who knows!). At this rate, it seems like I need a basal test every month! But who wants to fast and get up at ridiculous hours of the night? Really, who does? Because if you do, just basal test for me. Please!

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