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October 22, 2016
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Hockey Pump U.S.A.

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Lindsey Guerin

I disconnected my pump like normal for my nightly shower. I set it on the counter on top of some towels so the vibration wouldn't bother me. Usually this is a safe place for my pump, away from the direct steam of the shower and any immediate water sources.


My cat thought this was an ideal place to have a hockey game. I was halfway through my shower and suddenly I heard the pump slide into the sink. My cat made it his very own hockey puck! Visions of a cracked screen or a completely broken pump flashed through my mind as I screamed at the cat.


After my shower and scaring the cat away, I checked the pump for any new scratches or dents. All was well. I easily took it off suspend. No alarms.


My cat often finds diabetes as a convenient source of entertainment. When I get into bed and place my pump next to me, the cat tries to slyly chew on the pump tubing. Only once has he gotten close enough to put his teeth around it, but thankfully, no harm was done.


Amazingly, he finds the tops of reservoirs or the infusion set caps to toss around the house. Actually, I think there is a blue reservoir needle under the sofa that he pawed there weeks ago.


He's always sniffing at my insulin, as if the smell of insulin is so appealing! He's constantly jumping into the supply boxes as I unpack them, getting the packing peanuts everywhere. He loves to inspect my kit as I test my blood sugar.


I realize any pet is often a nuisance and a big responsibility. I grew up having all sorts of animals as pets from cats to rabbits to horses. Raising a pet is not new to me. But it does get annoying at times when your pet affects your diabetes or your pet becomes another worry in the diabetes life. But at least, he's still lovable!

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