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October 20, 2016
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Field Trips

Olivia has a field trip today, to a local park. It's a fun place, with a splash park and lots of sports activities for the kids to do. It's also the first school trip she's gone on without me or the school nurse tagging along. I'm a little nervous.


She's loaded up with juice boxes (Minute Maid For Kids - 15g carbs in each. And cheaper than Juicy Juice.) and Smarties and those horrible peanut butter orange cracker things. I'm sure everything will be fine - the teachers are well aware of her diabetes and will look out for her, but it's going to be a bit chaotic and I worry that she'll get lost in amongst all the kids.


The good thing is that it's going to be relatively cool today and may even rain, so the trip may not be as active as it would have on a nicer day. The bad thing is that there is little to no cell phone reception inside the park, so if anything does happen, I'm not going to hear about it right away.


I don't normally freak out over things like this, but Oliva's blood sugars have been so erratic over the last few weeks that I'm concerned she might bottom out and not be paying as close attention, since she'll be running around and having fun.


I'm hoping I don't hear anything from the school today. This will be one of those times when no news is good news. Fingers crossed for a completely uneventful time.

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