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September 27, 2016
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JDRF Promise Ball

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Since yesterday, Ive been working on fundraising and getting tickets for the JDRF Promise Ball coming up in the next few weeks. So far I have raised $2000 (or 4 tickets). Im so excited! Not only have I raised money for a charity that means the world to me, but Im getting dressed up and meeting dozens of new people that have been through everything Ive been through.


Im trying to raise at least $1000 more, but the deadline is approaching fast. I wish that I could give the worlds wealth to JDRF. Surely, we could find a cure if we stopped wasting our money! However, I understand $500 tickets are quite extravagant, especially when JDRF is not something that is close to your heart (like it is mine).


The Promise Ball will feature cocktails, a silent auction, dancing and classic fun with hundreds of people who have been touched by diabetes in some way. They will also feature one diabetic (or diabetic family) that is outstanding in some way. In the previous year, the honoree was a 3 year old little boy who was diagnosed at 18 months old. So far, there are no hints on who the honoree will be this year.


Im very excited to get to participate in such an awesome event. I have long dreamt that I would be dancing around in an evening gown with people who have donated to my cause (weird dream, I know). Now, I will be able to network among these families, meet amazing and inspiring people and hear the stories that are so unique yet so familiar.


Ihave had a lot of fun raising the money for this, which has me thinking that maybe I should go into diabetes charity work. I know that I want to work in the humanitarian field, but sometimes my mind goes back and forth between which field fits me better. Diabetes touches my life in a personal way on a daily basis. What better job to have than to help others that deal with what I deal with?


Im not setting my mind on this quite yet. Im going to volunteer some in the field and talk to those who work for JDRF and the ADA. Im hoping a little insight and experience will finalize whatever decision I decide to make. Until then, Im getting plenty of joy out of this!

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