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October 21, 2016
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Thanks for the input on my issues with Olivia's teacher. I'm going to follow up with her when they return to school this week, to see if the guy is still being a pain in the butt about it and if so, I'll contact him again. This is the part of diabetes that I hate - the beating it into people part.


For the last couple of weeks, Olivia's been having some major drama with her father. He doesn't see her, in spite of only living an hour away, and it's making her nuts. He'll call her, but he has one excuse after another as to why he can't come out here or why, if we happen to be out that way, she can't stop in for a few hours. It's really crappy.


Naturally, she's been really upset by all of this. She finally decided the other day that she'd had enough and took it upon herself to send him an email about it. She has a much easier time communicating via email when she has something difficult to say - she's easily intimidated and her father has a tendency to yell at her. In her email, she told him that she wanted him to be a part of her life, that she wanted to see him, but that it seemed like he wasn't willing to make the effort, and if that was the case, that she didn't want to talk to him any more.


She's been very stressed out over sending this - she's glad she did, but she's dreading his reaction. And it shows in her numbers. They've been thru the roof. I've never really seen the affects that stress has on blood sugars before. She's had periods of stress before, but nothing like this. This is getting her high and keeping her high in spite of just about everything we're trying. I'm making sure to keep on top of her about checking her blood sugar and I make sure she doesn't eat without bolusing, but even so, we're seeing numbers in the 300s, 400s and even a couple of 500s. It sucks.


I'm hoping that things will calm down soon, but I'm not sure what else to do to help her handle the stress, without it freaking out her blood sugars. Someone mentioned that B vitamins really help with stress. I'll have to make a run to Whole Foods and see what I can find. I'm assuming those are ok for a 13 year-old to take at adult doses.


I also found a really cool website the other day - it's called Do As One. It's guided breathing. I've been doing it and man, it's cool. Very relaxing. I think I'm going to get Olivia turned on to that, too.

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