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October 21, 2016
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Post-Pregnancy Type 2

Kerri asked in my comments how my diabetes reacted post-delivery.
It was amazing. I was up to 38 units of insulin a day, as well as 2000 mg of Metformin (aka Glucophage). The morning I was scheduled for my c-section (for non-diabetes reasons) I did not take my insulin per instructions. I couldn't eat anyway because of the surgery. My diabetes team wanted me at 110-120 bgl pre-surgery, so I actually had to have a little glucose in my IV drip 2 hours before surgery because I had dropped into the 90's.
I did not need another drop of insulin while in the hospital. I haven't needed it since except for a few dietary indiscretions.
Apparently the fact that I was already diagnosed type 2 didn't diminish the insulin resistance effect of the hormones secreted by the placenta. As soon as the placenta was gone via delivery of the baby; the extra insulin resistance was gone. Just like that - [snap!].
Even more amazing is the fact that breastfeeding works like exercise on your bloodsugar levels. My HbA1C has dropped from 5.8 to 5.5 since my last trimester. Some of that is no doubt the 35 pounds I have dropped since Kate's birthday, but much of it is the 400 or 500 calories a day I am burning simply by feeding my daughter.
I don't know how insulin resistance created by HCG, HPL and other pregnancy hormones affects type 1 diabetes, but I do know that it affects type 2. If you have any kind of diabetes, you of course want to keep your blood glucose levels under strict control throughout pregnancy, but especially from 6 months on, since that's when the effect of these hormones is strongest.

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