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October 23, 2016
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Salma Hayek Investigated Over Alleged Diabetes

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In an exclusive interview with Glamour magazine, Academy Award-nominated actress Salma Hayek admitted that she suffered from diabetes during her pregnancy. The news of her temporary bout with diabetes has the entertainment industry shocked and wanting answers.
In what has already been a turbulent year for Hollywood following the Halle Berry public relations disaster, another mega-celebrity has come forward to reveal her struggles with the disease.
Avon, for which Hayek has served as spokesperson since 2004, announced that it has begun an internal investigation into whether or not Hayek had diabetes while representing the cosmetics giant.
"My concern is for the children," said Danny Joe Brown, Avon district sales manager in Florence, Alabama. "What sort of role model goes out and gets diabetes?"
The Producers Guild of America has also expressed its disappointment by rescinding the Celebration of Diversity Award given to Hayek by the trade organization in 2003.
"I, for one, feel duped," said PGA Vice Chairman Steve Holland. "I mean, I knew she was Mexican, but diabetic too? She had us all fooled!"
Friends of the star such as Penelope Cruz and Matthew Perry have rushed to her defense, saying that she only tried diabetes once.
Edward Norton, however, with whom she dated from 1999 to 2003, has refused to comment, though it's been reported that he's asked that she return his Yale sweatshirt immediately and have it diabetically sanitized.

*writer's note: This is in no way a knock on Salma Hayek. Nor is it a knock on Glamour magazine.
Several other media outlets out there, chomping at the bit for a juicy headline, feel the need to spin the news. It's pretty desperate journalism, if you ask me. Suddenly, Salma Hayek is confessing that she had diabetes. She's revealing that she had diabetes. She's admitting she had diabetes as one would admit to Nazism, a meth addiction or, uh, involvement in a prostitution scandal. All she said was that she had diabetes. Period.
Why must it be an admission? Did she do something wrong?

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