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October 25, 2016
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Shootin' Up

Sometimes I'm glad we're not out in public when Olivia comes out with some of her statements. I do it too, for that matter.

She had a stomach bug for a couple of days and her blood sugars started creeping up higher and higher last night. Finally she said "Oh for heaven's sake. I'm just going to shoot up. Be right back." It didn't faze me in the slightest but I can only imagine the goggle-eyed stares she'd get if she said that at the mall or the grocery store.

When she was younger, highs would cause her to have massive temper tantrums. I can remember on many occasions muttering to myself "Girl, you'd better be high, behaving that way." More than once it got me the hairy eyeball from passersby.

I remember saying to a teacher once, "I don't know why she's so high, she didn't have that much...." I trailed off at her horrified look and hastily clarified myself. "Her blood sugar, her blood sugar. It's high." The teacher had forgotten about Olivia's diabetes (not very reassuring, really, and probably another post for another day).

Most of our consternation-causing statements revolve around Olivia being high. "You're too high to have ice cream/chips/that snack. You'll have to wait until you come down a bit." I'm sure we've left a trail of confused people in our wake.

It's the fourteen year-old degenerate in me that giggles gleefully about it all. I have to get some amusement out of this stupid disease. If it's high remarks, so be it.

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