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October 25, 2016
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Now You See It. Now You Don't!

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Yesterday I received a package from Medtronic Minimed who is the manufacturer of my insulin pump. Minimed offers these sweet Pump Skins that are basically stickers that fit around your pump to give it some "style" and "personalization."
When I first heard about "Skins" I checked out the site only to be disappointed at the selection. Sure they had lots for the kids and some for women, but I did not see anything very manly at all. Just recently new skins were added to the catalog. They offer Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbelle, NBA teams, MLB teams, and camouflage.
The camouflage total fits my style so I put my order in, got it yesterday, and slapped it on last night. It is really cool although I am bummed that after you take it off, it is done. I thought you would be able to take it off whenever you want and put it back if say you were playing a game of "hide and go seek" and needed to not be seen in the bushes.
If you or someone you know is using a Minimed pump then you should check these out! What I like is the ability to take something that is a burden and making it a little more bearable. It is empowering to make something as annoying as diabetes and turning it into a cool thing.
Some of the skins run $9.95 but the camouflage one was $19.95 each. At first I thought that spending $20 on a sticker is stupid but each time I have had to pull it out of my pocket, I have thought about how cool it looks!
In fact, I think I will start wearing my pump on my belt like I used to. I want to show off my ultra-coolness!

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