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October 25, 2016
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No Rush, Really

I am overdue on blood work. There is lab paperwork that I have been carrying around for months in my bag. It was given to me by my endo back in September so I could get blood drawn in December and make an appointment to see him. Yeah, that has not happened.
December is a busy time for everyone and frankly I just did not make the time to do it. So I figured I would call, make an appointment, and then hit the lab to give them my blood. It usually takes a week to get lab results so I make sure I have my dates set when I make the appointment. It sucks to go to the doctors and have nothing to really talk about.
So I call and immediately get put on hold. Typical. As I listen to Musak versions of songs I used to think were so cool I realize that I have listened to about 3 songs in their entirety. They must be really busy. Finally someone answers the phone.
"Doctorsoandso's howmayihelpyou?" The fastest talker in the world asks.
"Um, I need to make an appointment." says me.
I wait.
"The soonest we have is the 18th. Of February."
"The soonest? Hmm, well I guess I'll take it." I say with a disappointed tone.
What a bummer! I have to wait that long to get in to the doctors? I find that my Ophthalmologist, and my regular Doctor do the same thing! Maybe they should have appointment making an event like buying concert tickets. Then I could sleep on the sidewalk to get a wristband and then a nurse pulls a starting number and the doctor starts seeing people.
At least that would feel fair but it seems like you have to have a severed limb or severe chest pains to get anyone to see you in a timely fashion. I know it has a lot to do with the fact that I have an HMO instead of a PPO but I cannot afford that kind of coverage.
So, I guess I wait until the middle of next month. Hey that gives me time to get my A1C down and drop some weight too! I am going to shock the heck out of my endo!

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