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October 22, 2016
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A January Surprise

I am lucky. I have insurance. Sure I pay a lot out of pocket each month but the coverage is decent. Especially for my prescriptions. My co-payment is not too bad which I am thankful for since I have not only my insulin and strips for my BG machine to buy but also 4 pills for other ailments. But each January I get shocked by the same surprise.
My $200 deductible. Now I am not fortunate enough to be able to drop 2 "C-notes" here and there. I live pretty much check to check and unless I get an extra $200 for "passing Go" then I am gonna have a problem. Luckily the pharmacy I use is awesome. They gave me one bottle of insulin and are letting me come back on my next payday to pick up and pay for the rest of my order. What life savers, literally.
I always forget that my pharmacy and my pharmacist are a part of my diabetes care team. It is good to take the time to get to know these people and befriend them. When you know someone, they are more apt to help you out when you need it or even bend the rules a little bit if they can. Now, I am not talking about taking advantage or anything like that but a customer and a friend are two very different things. You can be both but you have to put forth the effort.
And doing this with your whole diabetes care team is a good idea. I am pretty good pals with the nurses at my endocrinologists office although my endo is kind of a stick in the mud himself. Knowing people is a good way to get known and acknowledged which can come in quite handy. Not to mention, it just feels good to meet new people.
Just my 2 cents. Oh wait, can I have that back? I need it to pay for my Lisinopril.

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