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August 28, 2016
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No Delivery

After a couple of days worth of Christmas Goodies my insulin pump was ready for a new reservoir. I thought about this on the drive home and somewhere throughout all the evening rituals suchs as checking emails and opening up mail I completely forgot about my pump.
It was right before we were going to sit down for dinner and I realized that I had not refilled. I check my pump that shows -:-- and the time left. Great! I grab my bottle of insulin and all my supplies. Is it just me or does insulin turn into champagne when you are in a hurry? I swear my reservoir looked like I had it filled with soap! There were bubbles everywhere.
I waited until they settled down and primed my infusion set. After choosing a not so hairy spot on my thigh I inserted the site and was off to dinner.
I always have music playing during dinner for two reasons. First, I love music and like to always have music playing. Second and more importantly, hearing people eat grosses me out! So as we are rocking out to a particularly happening jam my son says, "What is that beeping?"
I froze for a moment to tried and listen for the beeps. I kept shushing the stereo but Steely Dan did not get the point. As the music died down I heard frantic sounding beeps coming from my ankle. I have been copying my good friend who pumps and have been wearing mine in my sock. It is actually a great place except when you need to hear the alarms ringing.
I pulled out my pump and saw an unfamiliar site. NO DELIVERY. I have never seen this warning before and totally freaked out. My BG was already high and now this? I thought maybe the spill my pump took a while back may be affecting my pump now. I checked all the tubing and the site and it all looked good. I decided just to pull the site out and try again.
I did and have had no problems ever since. In fact, I woke up this morning with a 98 so I that worked out okay. Thank goodness.

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