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August 27, 2016
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No Miracle Here

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Joel Terrell
Maybe I was expecting some sort of Christmas miracle or something but yesterday I was completely out of control.
We had our Christmas Breakfast at my unofficially adopted sister Candee's house. She was up early brewing coffee, scrambling eggs, frying bacon and sausage, and slicing up coffee cake and other breakfasty pastries so we could all dig in when we got there.
As soon as we arrived I began my demolition of the food table. I started with half a bagel so as to not fill up too quickly but it was so good that I had to pop the other half in the toaster just to finish it off. I am a sucker for good fresh bagels. I washed that down with a nice hot cup of coffee and returned to the table to see what was to be round 2.
This time it was the coffee cake. Oh man, I cannot tell you how awesome this cake was. Was it store bought? Was it homemade? Did it matter? Not at all! I inhaled a slice and washed that down with another hot steamy cup of coffee. So wonderful!
And that was it. I was officially out of control. I went back to that table when the eggs came out so many times I lost count. I had bacon and sausage and more bacon. And then I went back because the eggs still on my plate looked lonely and needed some bacon to lie next to them.
On Saturday I had gone to my Weight Watchers meeting and had lost 5 pounds! A little voice kept screaming, "George stop eating so much! You are going to gain it all back! You are doing so well!" But I kept on.
Finally after feeling like I had eaten pound of bricks I sat on the couch and thought about what I had done. The guilt was painful but what was worse was my ability to condone my eating habits and say, "Well, it's Christmas!"
I was such an idiot. I get home later that day feeling awful and realized that I had not checked my BG throughout the whole food fest. Did I forget about my diabetes? I just didn't care I guess but when I checked I saw a number higher then my diagnosis number.
Wow. I cannot tell you how bad I feel. It was such an eye opener. There is no reason my BG had to suffer just because I felt like challenging my waste line. Why did I not check my BG? Who I am to just assume that I my diabetes will leave me alone just for one day?
Not even a Christmas miracle would give me a day off.

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