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October 25, 2016
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Holiday Hypo

Why can't diabetes give me some room to get some things done this season? I swear, I have had more "diabetes in the way" moments lately which is driving me nuts!
So there I was, cruising through the local Target store looking for some gifts for a gift exchange party we were invited too. I could not decide on a fun gift like a board game or go with the dcor type like a cool candle or something. Now keep in mind I was power walking through the store because all I want to do is get my gift and get the heck out. I like most guys am not a shopper at all. Frankly, I hate shopping.
As I am standing in an aisle staring at the wall o' board games a sudden feeling of hunger hits me. It was more like famine. Let's just say that I almost tore open the Ice Cream Cone puzzle and started eating pieces. Then the sweating started. Great, a Christmas Shopping low.
I set down the Catchphrase game I was contemplating and headed off to the front of the store. Luckily they have a little concession stand deal at the front so I downed a juice box and hit the aisles again. That was only the beginning.
We had a birthday lunch we needed to be at so I rushed home, gathered up the family and got ready to leave. It hit me again. I didn't want to eat yet and ruin our nice Chinese lunch we were going to have so I chomped on some tabs and waited for them to kick in. Of course we get to the restaurant and everyone is waiting for us. I hate saying that I was late because of my diabetes. It just seems like I am making it up or something.
After that we had to go to see our niece in the Nutcracker (yes we are still talking about the same day). Right before we are about to leave I check my BG just to see how the rice was going to kill my next A1C when to my surprise I was low. 60 and feeling nothing. I had a few tabs and left for the theater. We made it there on time which I was happy about.
Our niece was the best mouse of them all! It was very cute and a lot of fun. We dropped our kids off after the show at their grandma's and went back to the house to pick up our stuff for the before mentioned party.
Just as I was getting ready to leave I check my blood and was at 60 once again. I guess all the constant running around had my sugar dropping like mad.
The night all turned out well but I am thinking a basal rate test may be in order. I'll worry about that next year!

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