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February 10, 2016
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The Magic Meal

Yesterday I attended a lunch meeting with a company that we are looking at to update our current company's website. When I arrived at the office I checked my BG before I left the car. 135. I was going to correct for it but since it was 11:30 I figured I would wait until we ordered food and take care of it all at the same time.
When I got to the office and met with the web designer we quickly sat down and began discussing our needs. It was a really good meeting and I liked what he suggested as far as some ways to drive more business our way but I started to notice a very foreign feeling in my stomach.
I think its called "hunger." I made a discovery a week or so ago that I never feel hungry. I eat according to a schedule or what time of the day it is. Not necessarily when my body says, "George, please feed me!"
I looked around inconspicuously for a clock but did not see one anywhere. So then I did the swift slide up of my sleeve and a quick look down only to realize that I left my watch on my desk back at the office. Great! I try to ignore the grumbly in my tumbly (as my daughter would say) and continue on with the discussion. It seemed to go on for a very long time.
"So, do you guys want some lunch?" We are asked.
I actually looked at my business associate as if I were deciding if we should stay or not when inside I wanted to shout, "Oh My Goodness PLEASE, I am starving!!!"
We headed over to a very nice restaurant next door and quickly sat down since now it was 1:30. I realized that my BG meter is in the car so I decided I was just going to eat and then bolus afterwards. I ordered a fantastic salad but completely avoided the warm bread the waiter brought out. This was not like me of course but in trying to maintain my weight during the holidays, I am saving all over-eating for holiday parties.
After lunch I got into the car and went back to work and completely forgot to bolus. Since it was already 3:00 when I got back to work, I had to finish up some things and left for home. It was not until we were going to sit down for dinner when I remembered that I did not bolus or check my BG after lunch. I was so worried that I would be "through the roof" although I felt fine.
I checked. 108. Wow.
I think that is my first zero carb meal ever! Or I should say so low I did not need to bolus. I did not know that I could find anything I would actually enjoy eating would not affect my blood sugar negatively.

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Megan Holmes
Megan Holmes Megan was diagnosed in 2009 with Type I. As an RN, she was familiar with the medical side of her diagnosis; learning to be a good patient on the other hand, was and continues to be the challenge of her day to day life.   (Read More)
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